As part of our support for the cause championed by Fashion Revolution we meet and interview Bhaavya Goenka – the founder behind the zero-waste Indian brand Iro Iro.

Episode Notes

During our interview, we speak about:

  • how Bhaavya got her start in the fashion industry;
  • how she makes the model of “zero-waste fashion” and recycling work as a business model;
  • what impact she is creating through the work she does locally via her zero-waste fashion brand;
  • the importance of investing in the people you work with;
  • how can we create change where it matters most, especially as those of us from the developed so-called “first world” countries;
  • what is her involvement with Fashion Revolution and what does the organization do;
  • how to support the work and initiatives organized by Fashion Revolution.


Connect with Bhaavya via
Iro Iro website
Instagram @iroirozerowaste

Fashion Revolution

Key takeaways:

  • The fashion industry and system are designed in a way where people want to share their losses but not their profits.
  • The person who holds the money in the fashion industry holds the power.
  • Anyone who wears clothes is a stakeholder in the fashion industry.


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