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E:14 Designer Lora Gene: Shift focus & stay in your own fashion story

Lora Gene is the creative force and founder behind the eponymous womenswear brand Lora Gene.

What started organically has evolved into a true purpose-driven brand with a real focus on the customer and, in particular,  the well-being and comfort of the many women who love the brand.

Episode notes: 

  • how she got her start in the fashion industry;
  • what are the mission and passion driving her creative process,
  • why Lora is so passionate about sustainability;
  • what she thinks the industry needs to do in order to see the sustainability agenda move forward and for real impact to be seen and felt;
  • what is the problem with the way we – collectively – are approaching the narrative of creating a more sustainable fashion industry;
  • how she is growing her brand and the next steps she is taking as a business;
  • her advice to like-minded brands looking to make their way in the fashion industry and grow a sustainable brand and business;

… and much more.


“A 1,000 true fans” by Kevin Kelly
B Corp Brand Certification
“Design for the real world” by Victor Papanek



Key takeaways:

  • As a business, you should also want to serve people rather than just yourself.
  • We must include more people from the supply chain talking about sustainable fashion. They are the ones who can actually make a difference.
  • Entrepreneurship is about trying to do your job and change the world, one step at a time.

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