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“Double Double” by Cameron Herold

“Double Double” by Cameron Herold is a business book full of ‘unexpected’ lessons. The premise behind it, that if you followed the basics outlined, you will double your business in three years.

“Double Double” is written in a free-flowing writing style, easy to read and packed full of practical examples gives the reader a wholesome experience of the life of an entrepreneur.

“The idea of doubling your business may seem intimidating, but it only requires growing your business 25 per cent per year for three years”

The author, a successful entrepreneur himself, with a proven track record of taking companies from single digit millions to two or three digit figure in the millions turnover and profits, has managed to write a solid management advice in a book that covers everything from how to hold company and team meetings, how to create a vision for your business to PR and marketing.

It is really overwhelming for a person with an idea, to start their entrepreneurial journey. It is very challenging for a person in a new job or role, to learn new skills, apply what they know and prove themselves at the same time.

“Double Double” is perfect for beginners in the business world, who are all set to step into a leadership role. Sometimes, standard practices are the most underrated methods that one can learn from. Cameron Herold talks about how behavioural analysis and reverse engineering in a business, can be a refreshing change from the ‘society dictated’ philosophy.

The author will take you through a very systematic journey of building a company and referring to one’s own behaviour to grow quickly. Setting a vision for the company and creating a marketing, PR and business strategy your business is directly proportional to the company’s growth.

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“There’s no room for running around unsure of what you’re doing and why. Everything must be on target and geared toward that specific growth goal.”

Some of the highlights and practical tips that Cameron shares are:

  • Surviving the Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster (the four stages of entrepreneurial emotion)
  • Know where you are going: The Painted Picture
  • Reverse Engineer your Goals
  • Recruit and lead great People
  • Create a Winning Team Culture
  • Generate low-cost PR
  • Create a work-life balance
  • Attract an Advisory Board

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