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047: Stephanie Irwin: Allow User Experience & Customers‘ Feedback Grow Your Fashion Business

Stephanie Irwin has worn many hats within the fashion industry and as a podcaster, she knows more than most about what the true face of the fashion industry is. In this episode, we speak to Stephanie however about her job as a UX designer within a large fashion online e-com retailer. Her knowledge, tips, and insights are a must listen to for brands focused on growth and success.

Episode Notes
In this episode discover:

  • How Stephanie got her start in fashion;
  • The problem with fashion internships and entry-level jobs;
  • Why Stephanie considers “entitlement” to be one of the biggest problems  in the industry at present;
  • What is UX, why it is so important to know about it and design your website with it in mind?
  • Why so many brands use Shopify;
  • Simple tips on how to test your website design and functionality and see where and how you can improve it;
  • Why speaking at your customers is so important;

….and much more.

Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t have to be the best at something, you just have to be different.
  • If you think you know, but you’re not sure…stay curious – meet people and ask questions
  • Success metrics are good but getting real-time feedback from real people is a crucial component to growth.

Connect with Stephanie at:

IG: @stephieirwin

Books mentioned:

Essentialism by Greg McKeown >>> Buy it here

Effortless by Greg McKeown  >>> Buy it here

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