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E23: Sourcing Sustainable Fabrics with Charlie Bradley Ross

Many graduate designers encounter challenges along the way of making it in the fashion industry that often leads them to set up a business that aims to solve the very problem they faced. One such fashion entrepreneur is Charlie Brandley Ross who is the founder of Offset Warehouse and the Sustainable Fashion Collective.

Episode Notes:

  • Discover what led Charlier to set up her sourcing sustainable fabrics business and the challenges she faced that pushed her into entrepreneurship;
  • What is the difference between “ethical” and “sustainable” fabrics and how Charlie source materials?
  • How fabric sourcing and fashion has changed over the last decade;
  • Why the concept of “deadstock” is no longer what it is meant to stand for and Charlie sees brands using it as a “cheap win”;
  • What does “organic” fabric really mean and how to go about sourcing sustainable fabrics;
  • Sourcing unusual materials from indigenous communities and who uses such fabrics?
  • What is the “Sustainable Fashion Collective” and how it helps designers grow their brands?
  • How to approach sourcing online, when you cannot attend fairs or travel?

“I’m absolutely obsessed with textiles. At the core of all of our work at Offset Warehouse, is my passion to help the people who weave our fabrics, and to prevent any further environmental atrocities associated with textile manufacture. It’s my goal to source the most beautiful, hand-crafted, and fairly sourced fabrics, trims, and threads from across the globe, and sell from one to hundreds of metres at affordable but fair prices. The website is always up to date with current and future trends, proving that you can be eco and fashionable. Most importantly, you can feel good knowing exactly where your fabric has come from, and who has made it… “

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