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E1: Quick Introduction

E1 Quick Introduction

Hey there!

Welcome to the very first episode of the Fashion Insiders Podcast with Dessy.

After much time planning and thinking about it – this podcast is finally here and out in the world.

A very personal project and an audio journal of sorts – this fashion podcast is for struggling fashion outsiders who want to meet the fashion insiders, BE them, and know more about the insider workings of the fashion industry.

Listen to this very first episode where you will hear first hand the big idea behind it.

And then work your way through the other episodes.

If you can think of just one person you know who may be interested in knowing more about the fashion industry, or who is struggling to find their way in the industry – share this podcast with them. They will appreciate you and so would I!

Last but not least, if you enjoyed this episode and the many others, please leave us a *star* rating and a review on iTunes – it helps us get this podcast discovered by more listeners just like yourself. 

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