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Following graduation Chelsea Chu was lucky to find employment quickly in the fashion industry. And not just any job but a buyer’s position for an online luxury retailer.

In this interview, we look into the role of a buyer in the industry and what led her to decide to launch her own brand, and the challenges she is encountering along the way.

Episode Notes:

  • What it is like to be a buyer in the fashion industry; what does the job entail?
  • The importance of knowing your target customer profile and how this helps buyers when they select what to buy.
  • How men’s shopping habits defer from women
  • What led her to want to launch her own brand
  • What business model she would like to follow for her own business and why.
  • Why educating your customer is important to do.


  • As a buyer, you need to at all times balance the point of view of what is commercial and what is visually appealing
  • “Typically the mass consumers will not care about sustainability because they prioritize looking good and cost first”


“To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out The World” by Lucy Siegle

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