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E28: Overcoming procrastination with Selina Man Karlsson

As creative entrepreneurs we often feel overwhelmed with the myriad of tasks and jobs we have to do and hats we have to wear.  Many creatives are also sensitive and actively (even when they do not realize it) avoid tasks and jobs that deplete them of energy, leave them upset, exhausted, and feeling unworthy.

Sometimes, we need a helping hand and a new perspective to overcome the procrastination that keeps us stuck.

In today’s episode, we have a guest who helped herself do just that and then decided to make it her life mission to help others.

Episode notes:

  • What is Rapid Transformational Technique (RTT) and how can it be helpful to creative entrepreneurs?
  • Why did Selina choose to specialize in working with entrepreneurs struggling with procrastination?
  • What is causing us to procrastinate and how to overcome it?
  • What are the four personality types and how knowing what type you are can be helpful in business?
  • Tips to overcome procrastination and multiply productivity

Key Takeaways

  • RTT allows you to let go of the baggage so that you can approach your life and business in a calmer way.
  • [12:48] People procrastinate when they are overwhelmed.
  • Do the hard stuff first.
  • People, when they checkmark some task, feel proud of themselves.
  • [14:23] If you feel you are enough, you can achieve anything.
  • [14:40] People procrastinate when tasks are too easy or too hard or
  • [17:00] Most important and most urgent – dividing tasks between most and least of each

Resources mentioned:

Eisenhower Matrix
The Four Personalities Tendencies Quiz (Gretchen Rubin)

Connect with Selina Man Karlsson via:

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