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E27: The challenge of growing a premium purpose-driven brand (Live coaching call)

Launching and growing a fashion brand is a lonely process. Particularly as a solo founder going to market and growing a premium purpose-driven brand.

Today’s episode is unusual in as much as it is a recording of a live coaching session with one such fashion female founder – Joanna Blein – founder of Feel Good Couture premium clothing brand for women suffering from skin conditions. Helping her reframe her challenges and challenging her to also make subtle changes and innovate within her own business is how growth takes place.

Episode notes:

– How the realization that her ideal customer profile is not perfect is leading Joanna to a deeper niche down and a better understanding of the brand value proposition;
– What is stopping Joanna to connect on a deeper level with her ideal customer and generate more sales;
– How to grow her brand beyond clothing and reach more potential clients;
– How her current pricing structure is preventing her from selling more;
– Where she needs to focus in order to grow further and faster her brand and impact she is looking to create on a bigger arena.

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Resources mentioned:

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