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E26: The Challenge of Finding the Right Fashion Manufacturer (Part 2)

No matter how long you may have been in the fashion industry and the level of success you have as a business, if you are a product-based brand you will be having manufacturing problems somewhere along the line.  Often these challenges are self-inflicted and can to a great degree prevented if proper selection and checks were made at the beginning – when the designer or founder was looking to select a manufacturer to work with.

Part 1 of this topic covers mistakes made at the startup level. Listen to episode 24 here for more tips and know-how.

Episode Notes:

  • Discover what are the three core manufacturing sins most creative entrepreneurs make, that cause them so much terrible further on;
  • Learn how to approach in the right way the selection of manufacturers to work with;
  • Discover why being in the right head-space is essential when it comes to manufacturing your products.

Key Takeaways:

  • Take your time and do not make rushed decisions;
  • Check your motivation and ego before making a decision and entering into a contractual relationship
  • Ensure you look internally within your brand for what is leading to challenges and problems and not only blame the manufacturer you work with.


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