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The One Thing by Gary Keller

The One Thing by Gary Keller is an insightful book about eliminating the things you want less of and including what you want more of. His use of simple language makes the book easy to read and explains well how to manage time more effectively. The One Thing manages perfectly well to deliver what it promises – to show and teach the reader how to master just ONE THING at a time.

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The One Thing was released in 2013 in the self-help non-fiction category. It talks about the everyday problems one faces like, keeping focus, meeting deadlines, getting handicapped at the buzz of the phone, managing stress and so on.

There are a million of things to do daily: at least we think so. Gary Keller talks about how not all tasks require the same amount of time. “Be like surgeons. Completely engrossed in ONE patient (or project), respecting one’s work and giving it time on the basis of its importance in one’s life.”

Ever heard of how a habit is formed in 21 days? Yes, that 21 days is 66 days now according to the author. He supports it by explaining how discipline and habits intersect. If you aren’t sure of either, then definitely start practising at least one of them. The author shows you how to do it in the book.

You should reserve four hours of non-interrupted time in your day only to work on your ONE thing.

The book also touches on the classic topics of ‘success strategies’ and ‘having a purpose’ but with a twist to practicality.

There are many practical teachings in this book. How to say ‘no’ more often, how to successfully create and implement a daily routine and handle a long-term to-do list and most importantly, how to pick your ONE thing to focus on.

Once selected, the author will show you how you can protect it and devote time to it.

Buy the book here if you’re in the UK.


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