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Celebrity Gifting: A Sound Marketing Strategy?

Celebrity Gifting

Imagine making one of your products: designing it, sourcing materials, manufacturing it, putting it through rigorous quality control measures – and then giving it to someone for free.

Okay, not free, the ‘someone’ is a celebrity and your payment in kind is publicity. But another hurdle that you face is that they might not decide to actually wear it. And, if they do, you might not get it back.

Therefore, you have just spent production costs and your precious and limited time for zero profit. Not part of your business strategy, is it?

Unfortunately, this is the reality for many small designers, especially during the various international Awards seasons. Celebrities don beautiful wares from designers who are desperate for the walking, talking advertisements of their garments and accessories, to be seen by the world’s media.

Building a relationship with stylists is key as they are often the neck that turns the head of the desired celebrity. A question that you should ask yourself is, should you amend your brand’s vision to dress a celebrity – is that a gamble that you are willing to take?

If the potential sales generated from that public figure wearing your product are larger than previous and estimated general sales, it may be a gainful risk to take.

You also have to garner sufficient evidence that your celebrity target would encourage sales of your product – otherwise, you really have given away something for no profit. This is proof again that having a sound marketing strategy and identifying your ideal customer base is vital for a successful fashion business.

This is for you to decide. While, you would not create your Perfect Customer Profile keeping a celebrity in mind but they are likely the BIG influencers you might want to tap if, for example, evening gowns is your specialisation. Look at the personality and ‘imagery’ that celebrity brings to the television. Is that one with your Perfect Customer? Think about it.