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“No Comment” – The Art of Being Hermes

As anyone who knows or follows the luxury goods industry will tell you: there are luxury goods companies, and then there is Hermes. The family-owned leather goods maker is a true champion of “the art of craft.” They continuously find new ways to educate and showcase what true craftsmanship means – be it through pop up exhibitions, store demonstrations, or videos. The latest new initiative paying respect to the true unsung heroes behind the brand is a series of videos simple titled “No Comment.”

The idea behind these short videos is to let its products speak for themselves and shows the Maison’s artisans at work. What they achieve is to add a human side to the brand by showing the master craftsmen and designers responsible for the look and feel of products, to provide the viewer with an up-close-and-personal perspective about how Hermes products are handcrafted, and the attention to detail – from the painting, to the polishing, cutting and packaging.

What makes this new campaign so clever is the fact that every time one goes to the page to view the video, a different sequence of behind-the-scenes activities are shown. One time this may be watching footage of artisans at work drawing artwork for the famous Hermes silk squares, or they could be packaging perfume bottles, stitching a leather handbag or a saddle, cleaning up a silk screen… in short it can be anything, allowing you, the viewer, a sort of “fly on the wall” experience.

Completely devoid of showy-ness unlike many other branded videos, “No Comment” keeps the message focused firmly on the quality of its products and in the process helps the consumer to better understand what distinguishes their brand from the rest.

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For those who appreciate fine products – these in-depth behind the scenes videos are like a guilty pleasure.

So take a break, sit down and enjoy a peek into the artisanal world of Hermes.