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Meet Sonia Summan – a multi-talented fashion industry expert who has spent 20+ years specialising in sales for a wide range of brands from the high street to the luxury segment of the industry. Quite honestly – there is nothing Sonia doesn’t know about growing a fashion brand vis a vis different routes to market. Which is what this episode is all about…

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • What Sonia’s current role in the fashion industry is (clue: she wears more than one fashion hat) and how Sonia learned to be a top sales expert;
  • How the sales opportunities within the industry have changed over the last couple of decades and what are they (hint: Sonia has been part of setting up JVs, franchises, wholesale, licensing, retail set up and more…)
  • What caused her leave working for fast fashion (there were weeks when she made over 1 million pounds in sales in that one week alone) and pivot; working for fast fashion meant that sometimes she was involved in selling over 52 collections a year;
  • The importance of networking as a brand growth strategy and getting organic reach
  • The importance of having a two-fold sustainability outlook – environment and business. 
  • When is licensing the right route for a small brand to explore and how to make the best of this sales option
  • what she do now and why she is so happy at this point of her career.

Episode Takeaways:

  • High street selling is about volume (margins can be lower) and has to hit the MOQ of the supplier whereas in luxury fashion sales numbers are lower and there is a focus on nurturing the customer along the buyer journey.


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