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E12: Joey Pringle: Making an impact as a vegan handbag manufacturer

joey pringle veshin vegan factory

Creative entrepreneurs are often known to take creative career turns and go down roads less travelled. One such story is recounted here by Joey Pringle – an industrial designer who became a handbag designer, only to leave it all behind and become a sustainable vegan handbag manufacturer in China. And not just any vegan handbag […]

E4: Changing career intuitively with leather designer maker Candice Lau

Meet Candice Lau – a graphic designer who followed her intuition and interests, which led her to change her career and become a leather craftwoman. In this episode, you will discover: – how Candice started – how she has managed to grow her business – what she is working on now and much more. You […]

Vegan Leather vs Real Animal Leather: the race towards sustainable fashion

apple vegan leather

Vegan Leather or Real Animal Leather? Sustainability and making fashion more responsible and better for the planet have been on the global environmental agenda for a number of years now. The current pandemic has magnified the issue even more and made creative entrepreneurs and consumers alike be more conscientious about their daily choices. According to […]

What We Didn’t Know About Leather


Hannah Stewart, a Product Account Manager at a London-based fashion company woke up at 5.30am recently, to travel two and a half hours from her London home to Northampton. She was attending the BLC Leather Technology Centre’s ‘Understanding Leather Course’, led by Barry Wood – a leather technician who has worked in the fashion industry for over 25 years.