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The Challenge Western Brands Face in Working with Clothing Manufacturers Overseas


Working with clothing manufacturers overseas is a natural progression for many fashion brands. The move is often necessitated by two main factors – a need for larger volume production or a necessity to reduce costs and increase margins. Finding clothing manufacturers overseas or any fashion manufacturers for that matter has got easier over the last […]

Parasel: An Insider’s Look into Hardware Development

hardware development

Tom James – the  London based founder of Parasel – a bespoke hardware development and sourcing company speaks to Fashion Insider & Co and lifts the lid on a fashion industry segment not much is known or spoken about. Hardware accessories! We all love them and they often contribute significantly to our buying decisions. But […]

What is a Fashion Buying Agency? – By Ayushi Nath

fashion buying agency

Foreign brands that work in Asia often do so with the help of buying agencies. Ayushi Nath, a fashion designer at Impulse buying agency based in India, shares the inner working of a design and manufacturing agency.