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What is a Fashion Lookbook and How to Create one?

fashion lookbook

Once you have perfected the design process, product development and sample making, your marketing should begin in earnest. Catching the eye of important buyers, press and potential customers can be done in many ways but the most effective is to send out a fashion lookbook.

Part 1: The Fashion Design Process from Idea to first sketch

design process

Ever thought of starting a fashion label? Many do – every day and as soon as they think about it, their heads get inundated with questions… Questions about the design process in general like… Do ideas come from inspiration or from materials? What is the best way to go about designing a collection?

What is a Fashion Mood Board and how to create one?

Fashion moodboard

At the start of every new season, fashion designers sift through their research and distil the essence of it into what is commonly referred to as “fashion moodboard”. A visual diary of details and inspirations that will later serve as a guideline and constant source of further inspiration while finalising the new collection.

How to Start a Handbag Line?

To start a handbag line in such a competitive retail marketplace is a brave endeavour and definitely not for the faint-hearted. All aspects of its development need to work harmoniously in order to create a ‘perfect storm’.

E13: The business of zero-waste fashion with Bhaavya Goenka

Bhaavya Goenka fashion revolution india zero waste fashion

As part of our support for the cause championed by Fashion Revolution we meet and interview Bhaavya Goenka – the founder behind the zero-waste Indian brand Iro Iro. Bhaavya is also the regional leader for Fashion Revolution India, Jaipur chapter, and is active in her community in promoting sustainability and ethical manufacturing. Episode Notes During […]

The Secret Sauce to a Successful Cohesive Fashion Collection

cohesive fashion collection design

Designing a fashion collection is relatively easy. Anyone can do it. But creating and putting together a cohesive fashion collection that sells requires you to know the secret sauce. Say YES if you want to know the secret ingredients? Because we live in an age where we all want the recipe and a step by […]

The importance of ethical clothing: a quality product and a clear conscience


Buying ethical clothing and talking about ethical fashion has become the “in” thing of our generation. But what does it mean? What makes clothes ethical? Few ask the question let alone look into the process and meaning of this modern-day term so many feel so passionate about. The truth is, ethical clothing is not something […]

The Fashion Switch: The New Rules of Fashion Business

fashion switch fashion business

The Fashion Switch is an essential easy read for anyone interested to start a fashion business or even for those who are already in the industry. It is insightful and practical, peppered with case studies and examples of business mistakes or wins.

Haute Couture Designers Through the Ages: The 1920’s

Unlike ready-to-wear which is about predicting the future, couture while expensive is an altogether more relaxed affair. The point of haute couture fashion is that it symbolizes the present for future generations to learn about the past. Learn the history here.

Haute Couture Designers Though the Ages: The 1900s

haute couture designers 1920s fashion

Every industry has its own way of expressing technical might and glamour. Car manufacturers have supercars that showcase their expertise. In fashion – it is the Haute Couture collections that showcase a designer’s most outrageous ideas, where budget is no limit to ambition and clients are few and far between. This is Part 1 of […]

Part 2: The Fashion Design Process from Idea to First Sketch

fashion design process

Wanting to launch your own fashion brand is on the wish list of many fashionistas. While many dream about it, only a few get to see their idea realised on paper. The fashion design process takes time and what may have seemed like a simple idea at the start turns into Pandora’s box.

Design and Product Development

utelier - design and product development - fashion start-ups

It is no secret that the fashion industry is predominantly a product-based industry. Success is often underpinned by great design, strong product and well-structured collections. Learn how to translate your ideas correctly into the products that you want.

Joanne Edwards Millinery: Getting Ahead

joanne edwards millinery

Joanne Edwards was working as a designer when she felt the strong need to get back to making things with her hands. This led her to found her brand Joanne Edwards Millinery.