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7 Great Lessons from the Next In Fashion on Netflix series

fashion design competition next in fashion netflix minju kim

The end of January saw the release of a new fashion competition TV show series – Next In Fashion on Netflix. The premise of the 10-episode show Next In Fashion was – win $250 000 cash prize and being stocked at Net a Porter. 18 fashion designers who were pre-selected to take part, were initially paired […]

Make mercury retrograde the COO of your fashion business

mercury retrograde good for business

Have you heard people blame all their troubles on Mercury retrograde? I used to think it was just a phrase people used until I looked into it a little more and learnt there was some logic to passing blame on Mercury. But the more I read about it, the more I realised the genius of […]

Haute Couture Designers Through the Ages: The 1920’s

Unlike ready-to-wear which is about predicting the future, couture while expensive is an altogether more relaxed affair. The point of haute couture fashion is that it symbolizes the present for future generations to learn about the past. Learn the history here.

Haute Couture Designers Though the Ages: The 1900s

haute couture designers 1920s fashion

Every industry has its own way of expressing technical might and glamour. Car manufacturers have supercars that showcase their expertise. In fashion – it is the Haute Couture collections that showcase a designer’s most outrageous ideas, where budget is no limit to ambition and clients are few and far between. This is Part 1 of […]

Diane von Furstenberg: The Woman I Wanted to Be

The Woman I Wanted to Be - Diane von Furstenberg

This is Diane von Furstenberg’s personal memoir and it is raw. It may seem like an explanation of who she is, why she works hard and the pride she takes in her profession. But, it goes deeper than that.

“No Comment” – The Art of Being Hermes


As anyone who knows or follows the luxury goods industry will tell you – there are luxury goods companies and then – there is Hermes. The family owned leather goods maker is a true champion of “the art of craft”. They continuously find new ways to educate and showcase what true craftsmanship means be it through pop up exhibitions, store demonstrations or videos. The latest new initiative paying respect to the true unsung heros behind the brand are a series of videos simple titled “No Comment”.

ASOS – As Seen on Success


Nick Robertson the CEO of ASOS, the world-renowned online fashion retailer for twenty-somethings, describes his journey of becoming the second largest online retailer on the planet as being ‘luck at every junction’.