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What is a Fashion Lookbook and How to Create one?

fashion lookbook

Once you have perfected the design process, product development and sample making, your marketing should begin in earnest. Catching the eye of important buyers, press and potential customers can be done in many ways but the most effective is to send out a fashion lookbook.

What is a Technical Drawing in Fashion Design?

technical flat drawing drawn by hand

Providing factories with a “Technical Drawing” otherwise known as a “Flat Drawing” is one of the essential requirements when manufacturing garments or accessories. Whether you are a designer who has skills in fashion sketching, or a newcomer with moderate drawing skills, sketches are great for relaying an impression of your design ideas but should you […]

How to Protect Your Designs From Being Copied

How to protect your designs

Individuals and brands don’t mind copying a design, if they think they can get away with it. In this article, we cover various ways in which you can stop getting plagiarised and protect your future designs.

What is a Fashion Mood Board and how to create one?

Fashion moodboard

At the start of every new season, fashion designers sift through their research and distil the essence of it into what is commonly referred to as “fashion moodboard”. A visual diary of details and inspirations that will later serve as a guideline and constant source of further inspiration while finalising the new collection.

How to Start a Handbag Line?

To start a handbag line in such a competitive retail marketplace is a brave endeavour and definitely not for the faint-hearted. All aspects of its development need to work harmoniously in order to create a ‘perfect storm’.

How to size label your clothing range – letters vs numbers

clothing size labels numbers letters

Selecting the correct size label for your clothing range and whether you use letters or numbers sends a clear message about the market you aim to enter. Their use isn’t based on random selection.  Both letters and numbers are used to communicate very different things in the industry. In regards to sampling size selection, this […]

Fashion Job Opportunities for Students After Graduation

fashion job opportunities for students after graduation

Are the students learning anything valuable (i.e., updated) in terms of the real-world fashion jobs? After graduation, students are not left with enough opportunities thus, leading to designers only. Here we explore more fashion jobs opportunities after graduation.

Silent Goods: Bravery in the face of adversity

salient goods leather bagmaker london

Silent Goods is a brand that asks the question – Is it really possible to go against the grain and to create a fledgeling, sustainable and transparent brand that’s distributed through online sales only?

7 Eco-Friendly Practices Every Small Fashion Business Can Do

Brands with any integrity have been thinking of ways to build their businesses with a sustainable advantage for a while now. Below are 7 Eco-friendly practices that a fashion business can do to contribute to sustainability in the fashion industry.

Haute Couture Designers Through the Ages: The 1920’s

Unlike ready-to-wear which is about predicting the future, couture while expensive is an altogether more relaxed affair. The point of haute couture fashion is that it symbolizes the present for future generations to learn about the past. Learn the history here.

How to Make a Handbag When Your Background Isn’t in Fashion

Every day newcomers enter the fashion industry. While they may bring new ideas and enthusiasm, their lack of knowledge of how the industry works, development and sourcing know-how and process often leaves them exhausted and with depleted funds.

Haute Couture Designers Though the Ages: The 1900s

haute couture designers 1920s fashion

Every industry has its own way of expressing technical might and glamour. Car manufacturers have supercars that showcase their expertise. In fashion – it is the Haute Couture collections that showcase a designer’s most outrageous ideas, where budget is no limit to ambition and clients are few and far between. This is Part 1 of […]

How Denim Manufacturing Impacts the Environment

If you are a denim-wearing eco-warrior then perhaps you are more fashion and less eco-conscious! Read below and get the basics of why the current denim manufacturing has a negative environmental impact. 

The Importance of Fashion Care Instruction Cards

care instruction cards

Care instruction cards are an excellent way to communicate your brand values and educate your customer about your product, especially if your products are handmade or use any specialist materials.

3 Tips to Make a Perfect Garment Sample

perfect garment sample

Making a perfect garment sample good enough for the factory to follow through to production, can be approached in three ways. Whichever way you choose, your final outcome is to produce items to a very high standard so that they can be used by a factory as a template for your production.

Finding a Pattern Cutter can be easy if you know what to look for

finding a pattern cutter

Finding the right pattern cutter for your needs can be a daunting experience. Often people in the industry say that good pattern cutters are like gold dust. Knowing how to find the right one can be hard or easy if you know how to look for one. Read on to learn what to look out for.

9 Tips To Help You Find The Right Fashion Manufacturer

Finding the right fashion manufacturer for your idea is not an easy task at the best of times. In fact, entering the world of manufacturing can be a heady mix of initial excitement followed by angst, unnecessary expense, and frustration.

Everything You Need To Know About The Sample Making Process

garment sample making process utelier

Embarking on garment sample making is one of the most exciting and satisfying parts of the design process. Bringing your ideas to life in the form of a tangible product is the icing on the cake after months of designing, fabric sourcing and pattern cutting.

The Impossible Choice: Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion

Making a choice between fast fashion vs slow fashion may seem like an obvious choice, yet it is not an easy choice for many to make. One has moral implications while the other is more practical and economical. So what is it to be?

The Power of Fashion Collaboration

The landscape of fashion has become increasingly democratized, and the formula of offering limited edition pieces designed in collaboration with another brand or person has proven to be extraordinarily lucrative.