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E39: The ODD Fashion Clothing Factory with Karishma Kapur

Fashion Clothing Factory

Fashion clothing manufacturing is a key process in the lifecycle of launching and growing a product-based brand. Often mismanaged, rarely given its dues – fashion manufacturing is the Cinderella of the fashion industry.  It does all the heavy lifting and hard work for fashion brands large and small but is always mistreated. With all the […]

E23: Sourcing Sustainable Fabrics with Charlie Bradley Ross

offset warehouse sourcing sustainable fabrics

Many graduate designers encounter challenges along the way of making it in the fashion industry that often leads them to set up a business that aims to solve the very problem they faced. One such fashion entrepreneur is Charlie Brandley Ross who is the founder of Offset Warehouse and the Sustainable Fashion Collective. Episode Notes: […]

E22: Edwina Huang: The answer to fashion sustainability is scalability

edwina huang phoenxt fashion insiders podcast

  What can you do if you know that the world can be your oyster and you are passionate about fashion and sustainability? In the case of our guest – Edwina Huang creating a solution to an age-old problem was the answer. As the founder of Phoenxt fabric technology company,  she turns waste fabrics into beautiful new fabrics.  […]

E12: Joey Pringle: Making an impact as a vegan handbag manufacturer

joey pringle veshin vegan factory

Creative entrepreneurs are often known to take creative career turns and go down roads less travelled. One such story is recounted here by Joey Pringle – an industrial designer who became a handbag designer, only to leave it all behind and become a sustainable vegan handbag manufacturer in China. And not just any vegan handbag […]

E11: Why fashion brands must stop calling themselves “sustainable”

sustainable fashion brand

“Sustainability” is on everyone’s lips and brains, yet almost everyone calling their brand “sustainable” fashion brand is effectively “greenwashing”.  Regardless of the size, regardless of what and how much they are doing. If you are working on launching your brand or already in business and calling your brand “sustainable” then you need to stop and […]